January 16, 2017


Coaching is a process that takes time and investment, and the best results emerge out of a thoughtful collaboration that typically unfolds over several sessions. Just as one would not expect to shed pounds overnight or in one session at the gym, so, too, does coaching take time and ongoing commitment to bear fruit.

That said, every client has different needs and no one package will be right for every one. To that end, I like to offer my clients four different opportunities to work with me.

Complimentary Session

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Meet with me for 45 minutes and learn about what coaching can do for you. In this session, I will share with you the goals of coaching, what a typical coaching session might look like, my role as a coach, your responsibility as a client, and what results you can expect at the end of our time together. In this session you will also enjoy a short, 15-minute coaching demo. This is my gift to you.

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Clarity Session

Spend 50 minutes getting clear on your goals–what you want to accomplish and where you are feeling stuck. The bulk of this session is devoted to exploring what might be blocking you from getting your heart’s desire. What is your fear? Who told you you were not good enough? What is the obstacle between you and your goal? Spending time up front getting clarity on our goals is often the kick-start we need to achieving them.


Strategy Package

This is a series of five, 50-minute coaching sessions, including a clarity session, a goal-setting session, two follow up sessions, and a wrap up session. This is what I call my “mini-package” where we work with a very small goal that is very well-defined. A strategy package is focused, clear-cut, with well defined tasks and outcomes following each session. At the end of a strategy package, you will leave with a set of well-defined action steps to take towards achieving your goal.


Soup-to-Nuts Package

This is my most comprehensive package, consisting of a series of 12, 50-minute coaching sessions that will take you from stuck to taking the necessary steps towards your best life. Over the course of 12 sessions, you will have the chance to explore not only one goal but several and understand how each interacts with the others. You will understand the blocks that prevent you from getting to goal and develop strategies for dissolving those blocks. And by the end of the 12 sessions, you will have made several small but significant changes in your life, changes that give you peace and add value to your life.